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Tara Maya Magdalena I was born in park city Utah but grew up all over the country and received influence from many different forms of spiritual and artistic expression. From the time I could remember I have been an artist and lover of animals and nature...... I have always been called to the wild and free side of expression and experience. I see myself a scientific mystic.... someone who believes that science and inquisition is the answer to the nature of source creator. I feel drawn to listen to my own inner compass and deep connection to Christ, Buddah and Krishna consciousness a mixing of deep powerful truths to liberate all people from suffering once and for all. My gift is a deeply open heart chakra that encompasses the entire planet and see the purpose of even the the darkest of corners. Since 2008 I have spent time in California, Arizona, Hawaii and Utah studying the various modalities of healing such as Kundalini, Tantra, Bhakti, And Hatha yoga, Reiki level 3 and Breath Work healing. In 2011 I also attended and completed 1k hrs of massage school and practice at The Big Island Academy of massage in Hilo Hawaii. The last seven years I have been studying Shamanic and Plant Medicine Ceremony with various native tribes of North and South America such as the Oklevueha Native American Church and the Quechua traditions.



any of the modalities listed below can accompany your bodywork session

sessions start at 90 minutes, beginning price point at $200 per session

Contact Tara to book. Mix and match the offerings below. She will customize your session.


Tara holds space for you to ask yourself what you want and giving you permission to experience your feelings, desires and emotions to the fullest extent. Not denying your pain but facing it and understanding why its there is the first step to letting it go and allow a whole new being to come to life in a single moment. Feel free to browse the site and please don’t hesitate to text Tara with any questions or comments.


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Breath is the most potent form of energy we give the body, more potent that’s food,water or sleep..... coming into a relationship with our breath is essential for connecting with the energy body.

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The act of allowing ones self to see and be seen without agenda judgement or denial. Total vulnerability is accessed and partners are able to see on a new dimension



Tara is gifted with the gentle sense for Oracle wisdom and can often determine the proper course of action when given any particular situation..... we all posses gifts of sight and sense and we hope to help all connect with oneness

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Haffala dance circle is a middle eastern tradition of dance in an intimate setting where joy and self expression reign supreme.... explore the sense of movement and wonder that come from letting go of ego! Come play with your inner child



Feather tapping and smudging: Feather tapping is a Native American tradition using the spirit of any particular bird or a plant medicine to cleanse and empower and individuals energy body or dwelling



Tarot is the ancient art of divination through card decks as a method for determining and deciphering ones inner messages



Tara uses a set of especially tuned brass bowls to purify the vibrational frequency of the energy body using sound and toning. Each bowl is tuned to one of the seven chakras of the body



Ritual bathing Ceremony is a deep and sensual cleansing ceremony where participants are baptized into oneness with themselves and the scared mother. The water is a return to the womb space where you can explore in safety and connection and emerge renewed and refreshed